Alumni program

Been at SmiLe? Stay a while.

When your business is going well and it’s time to leave the SmiLe program, why not stay on as an Alumni member? There are lots of benefits for both you and us.

After graduating from the incubator you are welcome to join our Alumni program for scale-ups that gives you continued access to labs, events and investment opportunities, community and our innovation network.

One thing we ask in return – that you contribute to our community and are active in driving it forward.

In our Alumni program you get

  • Access to labs and instruments
  • Access to the Business Strategy Program
  • Office space at our facilities until you need larger space
  • Free media exposure
  • Coaching in People and Culture
  • Access to new markets

You stay active in the community, can have your office in our facilities, and get access to all events and training as well as our large network, including our CEO network.

“Thank you Ebba! You and your excellent team have managed to create such a fantastic atmosphere where SmiLe and its companies generously share their knowledge and experience. It is a privilege to be part of such a great community and we look forward to continuing as an alumni.” 

Johanna Asklin, PhD
Director Of Operations at SAGA Diagnostics

Success stories

Get to know what can happen with a startup at SmiLe


While at SmiLe, Immunovia gained access to a broad life science expertise, valuable infrastructure with laboratories and closeness to Lund University. Today, Immunovia has a market cap of close to 300 million EUR. They develop tools for diagnosing complex diseases and biomarker signatures specific to each disease are identified by blood tests. The first test is for early stage pancreatic cancer.

SmiLe’s internationalization experience and commercial community is crucial for a startup

Carl Borrebaeck, PhD

Founder of Immunovia


Speximo is one of the spin-outs from Lund University. While the experts optimized the characteristics of the substance and the technology in the labs at SmiLe, the CEO developed the company being challenged and supported by Smile´s coaches and experts. Speximo business – next generation stabilization and encapsulation technology –  then had such a value that a global market leader aquired the company.

At Smile I got tools and support needed to succeed and in the end make an exit

Malin Sjöö, PhD
CEO of Speximo


Acrivon is focused on developing oncology drugs and came to SmiLe with a scientifically mature technology for identifying patients that benefit from a specific treatment. SmiLe has supported Acrivon with training, exposure and expertise to successfully build the infrastructure and discovery efforts.

SmiLe has been instrumental for the growth of Acrivon

Kristina Masson, PhD
Founder of Acrivon

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