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Welcome to SmiLe and get the expertise and support you need to build a successful business.

Join SmiLe and join a passionate, open and like-minded community of life science innovators. Collaborate with scientists, researchers, life science experts and business professionals, all facing similar challenges. And be supported by SmiLe’s sponsors and partners.

Depending on what your company needs you can join our Incubator ProgramAccelerator Program, and get access to our well-equipped Open Labs if your business requires it.

SmiLe offers a market-oriented 2-4 year business development program for life science innovators.

The incubator program is designed for startups in the product development phase wanting to validate, develop & grow their business model.

The Incubator program is based on 4 cornerstones:

Individual Coaching

Get tailored support and guidance from our team and experts. You get your own personal coach.

Business Forum

Our coaches sit together with you to help you resolve key issues.

Business school

A complete program to help you prepare your business strategy.

Market access

Connect with our wide market network, validate your product. Now do succesful business.

Who can join SmiLe Incubator?

We welcome applications from companies within a wide variety of specializations including: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Biotechnology, Medical Technology, Food Technology, Chemistry and Materials, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Nano medicine, Digital health and CRO companies.

We help companies who have:

  • an innovation within health and life science
  • a registered company
  • a scalable business idea
  • a driven entrepreneur or team

Our programs give you the best in:


Benefit from our 250+ years of expertise from the life science industry who support you at every step from science to market. Our thorough business development program encompasses product development, IP, licensing & partnering, pre-clinical & clinical verification, marketing and more.


Make use of our 10 joint laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for diagnostics and drug development in our 300 m² Open Lab at SmiLe. The facility also houses 1,700 m² private laboratories. Start working on your idea from day one – without having to invest in advanced instrumentation.


The SmiLe Community provides you with an open and collaborative environment where you grow and innovate alongside your peers. You work with life science innovators who share the same passion & drive and face similar challenges. Join professional community events and receive support and services from SmiLe´s partners.


Our experts have long experience of financing startups by grants and venture capital. Together we create a customized plan connected to your business model. We help you structure key assets and milestones to enable successful fund raising. When you are ready we introduce you to relevant investor networks and stakeholders.  


Incubator membership
Reduced fee first year

2,500 SEK/month


Incubator membership
Desk in shared office space

FROM 4,500 SEK/month


Incubator membership
Private office

FROM 6,250 SEK/month


Incubator membership
Private lab with office
Access to core facility labs
FROM 12,300 SEK/month

What you get:

  • The ability to share and grow with peers.
  • Professional exchange with on-site sponsors who are part of our support system. They are ready and committed to solving your challenges and helping you grow.
  • Collaboration with SmiLe members who share their expertise, services and knowledge.
  • Community events such as weekly breakfasts, seminars and social gatherings.

Not ready for the incubator yet?

We have other programs for you. Check out our Accelerator Program or contact us for more information.

Fill in the simple form on our CONNECT page. The application is non-binding and a great way to start the conversation with us. 

Very early health tech, medtech and wellness ideas are accelerated in our 2-month Health2B accelerator program.

This combined online & onsite program runs a couple of times per year.

Who can apply?

We welcome startups and ideas from the fields of Digital Health, MedTech, HealthTech, Mobile Health, TeleHealth, WellTech, eHealth, Internet of Things (IoT), Wearables, Life Log, Biohacking and the Quantified Self.

All these categories are disruptively changing the future of healthcare. Health2B supports you and the successful development path of your product to market.

The program focuses on customers and market and runs a couple of times per year. It´s free and we take no equity. You get access to superior coaching, mentors and experts, free workspace and a gym.

We help companies who have:

  • an innovation within health
  • a scalable business idea
  • a driven entrepreneur or team

Find out everything about our accelerator program:

Curious about the SmiLe Accelerator?

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us for more information.

Open Lab at SmiLe offers well-equipped life science labs for diagnostics and drug development. Open for SmiLe members & other entrepreneurs.

Our laboratories

Open Lab at SmiLe comprises 10 laboratories with advanced instruments suitable for life science development. The labs are open for anyone who needs special equipment and expertise. You don´t need to be a SmiLe member to take advantage of this offer.

Open Lab at SmiLe offers you:

  • Access to laboratory space, equipment and expertise in life science.
  • Support in using labs and equipment.
  • Network with our community of professionals.

We offer custom-made solutions for your exact needs.

List of labs and equipment

Curious about our Open Labs?

We’d like to hear from you. Contact us for more information.

Open Lab Skåne

We collaborate with Malmö University and Lund University within the EU-funded project Open Lab Skåne. Together we offer a broad range of instrumentation in the areas of:

  • Material science and chemistry at Malmö University
  • Food engineering at Lund University
  • Life science at SmiLe Incubator

Our mission is to facilitate innovation by opening up our laboratories and enabling access to equipment and expertise.

Entrepreneurs, companies and academia can use our laboratories & instruments and get help from researchers & experts. We have routines to safely manage results, as well as price lists for various services. Customers can hire the facilities for shorter or longer periods.

For more information contact us at or visit

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