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Anki Malmborg Hager

Business Coach

Anki Malmborg Hager has had a hand in the development of many of Lund’s most exciting life science companies and has been CEO of four of them. She was also involved at an early stage with Immunovia and Alligator Bioscience, where she subsequently served as Vice President.  
Later, she ran the biotech company Senzagen from a business idea based on an innovation – animal-free testing of suspected allergenic chemicals – to commercial phase, and launched the company on Nasdaq First North in 2017. When she left Senzagen two years later, the company had grown from having no cash on hand to being worth almost SEK 500 million on the stock market. Most recently, she served as CEO of PainDrainer, a company that she ran from startup until the present, when it is ready to launch an AI-based pain management product on the market.


Project management
Product management
Regulatory management systems
Quality control
Business and product development projects


Developed multimillion SEK businesses
Served as CEO of 4 life science companies

  • 25+ years of job experience
  • 20+ years of leadership/ management experience
  • 25+ years of experience in the Life Science field
  •  25+ years of experience of working in a global environment
  • 10+ years as Founder & CEO· 25+ years of job experience

MSc in Chemical Engineering
PhD in Immunotechnology
Pharma MBA


Fun Fact
Trained sommelier

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