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    Cristiana Pires, Co-founder and CEO

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    Pharma & Biotech

Asgard Therapeutics

Asgard Therapeutics was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from Lund University aiming to advance cancer immunotherapies by developing a paradigm-shifting gene therapy – TrojanDC. Driven by the urgent need for new cost-effective immunotherapies consistently effective in a broad range of patients, Asgard is developing the world’s first cancer immunotherapy based on direct cell reprogramming, forcing cancer cells to become immunogenic and unleashing the immune system against cancer.

Cristiana Pires holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and PhD in Cell Reprogramming. She founded Asgard Therapeutics in 2018 together with the other two inventors of TrojanDC, Associate Professor Filipe Pereira and Fábio Rosa, MSc. Now, by combining her pharmaceutical and scientific background with entrepreneurship experience, Cristiana is motivated to bring TrojanDC to the patients.

Did you know?

Asgard’s scientific founders are from Portugal and decided to honor the Swedish affiliation by choosing a name inspired by the Norse Mythology.

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