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Gedea Biotech

Gedea Biotech develops an antibiotic-free treatment for vaginal bacterial infections; bacterial vaginosis (BV). In a recently finalized clinical trial pHyph shows 82% cure rate after one week of treatment[1]. This cure rate is similar to that typically achieved with existing antibiotic-based treatments. pHyph intends be the first antibiotic-free product that effectively prevents and treats bacterial vaginosis. Today, BV is treated with antibiotics and one out of two patients have a recurrent episode of BV within 90 days of treatment. Vaginal fungal infection is also common after treatment with antibiotics, due to change in the natural, protective bacterial flora. pHyph restores the pH of the vagina to its natural level (4.0‒4.5), thus facilitating the re-establishment of the normal vaginal bacterial flora, and is expected to reduce the risk of recurrent BV and fungal infections. Antibiotics sooner or later give rise to antibiotic resistance, and WHO sees antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health. By reducing the use of antibiotics, antibiotic resistance can be delayed.

pHyph is safe to use and will be sold over the counter (OTC) in pharmacies, to be a first in line treatment, available when women need it. Gedea has recently finished the first clinical trial for pHyph and full data will be presented soon. A larger controlled study starts in end of 2020 and a CE-mark is expected in mid 2021. Gedea received a grant of €3M from Horizon in 2019 and has delivered on every target since the start in 2016.

Annette has a PhD in Medicine from Lund University and holds a Master’s degree in Medical Biology from Linköping University. She has long experience of project management and business development in both listed and unlisted companies also from the healthcare sector.

Did you know?

Gedea Biotech won third prize in the European Final of the EIT European Health Catapult, in the category of Biotech!

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