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    Dmytro Orlov, CEO

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LBM Sweden

Often, orthopedic implants are only necessary to facilitate bone reconstruction and no longer need to remain in the body after recovery. However, they are typically left in place to minimize risks associated with secondary surgical invasion. Our company develops specialty magnesium alloys enabled by unique thermomechanical processing technology for the fabrication of biodegradable implants. Our alloy facilitates the healing process and disappears through normal physiological mechanisms, reducing the need for further surgeries.
The company will produce biodegradable magnesium alloys and fracture fixation devices made from them. The devices will be sold to hospitals and surgery centers upon the direction of orthopedic trauma surgeons. The company will target Swedish, European and US customers. Additional opportunities for licensing the material to other manufacturers for other product segments will be explored.

Dmytro Orlov has a PhD in materials engineering and founded LBM Sweden in 2022 together with medical device expert Steve Miller.

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