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    Patrik Borneson, CEO and Co-founder

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Medilevel connects patients and caregivers via modern digital tools, which create resource efficient, safe and secure care for all. Titrating medicine is often both a long and resource-intensive process. This leads to unnecessary side effects, anxiety and suffering for patients. For healthcare providers, this leads to a waste of resources. Medilevel has developed a communication tool for titrating medicine. It can easily be adapted to a wide range of different medications. It will increase patient involvement, decrease side effects and the number of patient appointments.

Patrik Borneson and Mats Näs founded Medilevel after Patrik was contacted by a childhood friend on facebook, who asked if they could help developing a mobile app. Patrik has worked with sales and digital retail for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience as a project manager, product owner and educator.

Did you know?

Our system for titrating ADHD medicine has won three awards, Sveapriset, Vitalis Scholarship and Guldpillret.

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