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    Cathrin Johansson, CEO

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MedVasc has developed and patented the medical device Solutio™, which is designed to minimize pain while maximizing both time and cost-efficiency in the treatment of varicose veins. Solutio™ was invented by Dr Michael Åkesson who is a senior consultant of interventional radiology and has over twenty years of experience with catheter-based treatments and diagnosis. MedVASC AB aims to make Solutio™ the standard for administering anesthesia in varicose vein treatment.

Cathrin Johansson is a former top athlete and has held several leading roles in both private and public organizations. Before joining MedVasc she worked with Ignite Sweden, where she successfully contributed to catalyzing commercial collaborations between startups and large international corporations/public organizations. Prior to Ignite, she held positions as Head of AWA Innovation and Group Communication Manager at AWA.
She likes freestyle skiing and has competed in the halfpipe world cup.

Did you know?

With SolutioTM, surgery time is reduced by half and post-operative care is reduced to less than 15 min!

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