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    Marcus Davidsson, Founder & COO

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rAAVen Therapeutics

At rAAVen Therapeutics we are driven by our curiosity and dedication. We want to help pave the way for Next generation of gene therapies. At rAAVen we have the expertise and commitment to generate novel AAV capsids that can be used to tackle a wide array of disorders. Using state of the art methodologies within cloning, virus variant production and sequencing, we build novel viral vectors for precision targeting of defined cell populations or with desired properties.

Business idea:
rAAVen Therapeutics have two main lines of work. rAAVen will i) engineer novel capsids with unique properties for biotech companies around the world and ii) drive our on R&D on capsid engineering, to be able to build better and more efficient AAV capsids at a lower price and faster than our competition.

Prior to founding rAAVen Therapeutics, Marcus spent the last decade on DNA barcoding and AAV engineering. Marcus started his work at Lund University, where he developed novel DNA barcoding methods for AAV engineering and gene therapy. Beside this, he has also worked extensively on generating DNA libraries, how to sequence DNA libraries and enhancer-promoter optimization.
He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from Lund University and has postdoc experience from Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, MI and Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, AZ. Marcus is also a co-founder of BRAVE Bioscience.


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