Extension of shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables reduces carbon emissions and pollutions, increases the energy saving, reduces inventory and ensures more food reaching people. To extend the shelf life, primarily, plastic wrapping is used that will be eliminated with our solution. Our bio-based edible vegan coating extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables which is easily applied on the selected ones such as cucumber by using dipping or spraying methods after harvest.

Vahid Sohrabpour’s holds Ph.D. in Packaging Logistics and his background is in Supply Chain Management, Quality and Operations Management. He is passionate about the cutting-edge research and development that increases efficiency and effectiveness in the Supply Chain. His activities are mainly within Industry 4.0 scope and the use of technologies such as Bio-technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Block Chain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Packaging Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Did you know?

Globally, about 45% of fruits and vegetables get wasted.

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